Create a strategic alliance with your hormones!

Lifestyle program for women leaders

I created my program COHERENCE to help you better understand the impact of your hormones on your health and transform your overworked lifestyle so you can feel great about yourself and embody fully the leader in you!

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Does it happen to you?

You put in all the efforts and yet...


The last few years have been mainly dedicated to your CAREER and your FAMILY.

But there comes a time when you realize that you must PRIORITIZE YOUR HEALTH, because if you keep living your life the way you do, you risk LOSING YOUR HEALTH!

It's decided, you give yourself thoroughly in your health goals.

You put all your will and determination into it!

A few WEEKS and a few MONTHS pass by BUT...

Despite your efforts to prioritize your health, your body seems to resist and your old lifestyle catches up with you :

Emails overflow your inbox,

You to-do list is longer than ever.

You have ennnnndless sugar cravings.

You wake up more tired than the day before.

And your family begs you to spend more time with them.

You who wanted to reconnect with your INNER WOMAN LEADER, you feel more disconnected than ever.

You're back to square one : overwhelmed and out of breath with little or no result!

You're discouraged and wonder if you'll ever FINALLY find your healthy lifestyle.

Well, just know that...

 I understand you and there is a solution!

 Yes, you read that right! Like you, I'm not immunized to the damaging effect of an overloaded, stressful and fast paced lifestyle on my health and family life! 


Healthy eating and training are not the only winning elements for a healthy lifestyle.

Your hormones also have a lot to do with it!

Thanks to my expertise and experience of the past 14 years, I have been able to help over a hundred women understand their hormones and create their healthy lifestyle to achieve their most ambitious goals!

And my deepest wish to help you find YOUR STRATEGY as well so you can feel :

✓ Energetic

✓ Great in your skin

✓ Proud and confident

✓ Aligned with your goals and dreams!

I invite you to live this transformation that will bring you LASTING RESULTS in compliance with your body and your reality! 


My COHERENCE program is built on my personalized approach  and my proven process that allow you to ally your hormonal profile with your lifestyle in order to reach your goals.

Here's what you get when you join my program :


✓ Upcoming group

October 11th, 2021

✓ 6 months

✓100% online

✓Exclusive member access to platform








1 session x 60 min + 5 monthly email follow ups

✓PRIVILEGE package

6 sessions x 60 min + unlimited messaging support


✓100% customized

✓Aligned with your hormonal profile

✓Meals and snacks planning

✓Sleep quality optimization

✓Stress management



Zoom meetings

✓Group coaching with other participants on common challenges and health topics


✓Via our exclusive & private Facebook group

✓Via Messenger and emails*

*With Privilege package


✓Exclusive to program members

✓100% confidential

✓Q & A

✓ Shared feedbacks & experiences



✓Guest experts monthly

✓Tons of downloadable material

✓And more!


Get your smart body scale if you register before September 27th, 2021

Are you ready for your transformation and LASTING results?

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My clients talk about their transformation!

Anne-Marie Roy|Entrepreneur & Business coach

Thank you Claudine and thank you for your program that really changed my life! Beyond my weight loss, I have regained my energy and sharpness that allow me to be 100% focused with my clients. I don't have the words to say how Claudine's expertise, the program and the group of exceptional women helped me!

Kim David|Facebook strategist at Marketing & Cafeine

Thank you very much Claudine for entering my life. Thanks to your powerful teachings, your kindness and your heart filled with love, I had an exceptional experience! Your personalized approach and program bring us self-knowledge and show us how to actually create this alliance with our hormones to achieve lasting health results!

Katty Lefebvre|Creative project coordinator

I met Claudine a few years ago and I really enjoyed working with her! Recently, I decided to take control of my health following the untimely death of my father. Claudine's COHERENCE program immediately challenged me. It is dedicated to us : women. I got far beyond my expectations: sharing with guest experts, receiving support from incredible women and the human and sincere coaching with Claudine!

Catherine St-Louis|Multimedia integration advisor at Hydro-Québec

My transformation with Claudine allowed me to find myself, to prioritize myself. She adapted to my professional and family reality as a mother of three children. The results are beyond my expectations: I have not only lost more than 40 lbs, but also gained in letting go and simplicity, in addition to having regained my self-confidence!

Stéphanie Lalonde|Senior director at Intact Insurance

Thank you Claudine! I realize that your coaching has had a real impact on my energy and stress management through healthier lifestyle habits. My strategy has allowed me to refocus in my particular and demanding work context!

Rasha Khalil|Entrepreneur

I found in Claudine a coach who listens and really cares about my success! Her approach is very intuitive which allowed me to work more in depth on myself. I was eating too little and was overtraining, so she taught me new concepts to reactivate my metabolism, respect my body and improve my relationship with food. All of this allowed me to create a healthy lifestyle. This experience was a great investment in me!

Maha El-Mahgoub|Business Planning & Management

Thanks to Claudine's program, I now focus on the present moment, I take time for myself while taking responsibility for achieving my goals. Clo has her way of connecting with us in a meaningful way. I discovered my unsuspected strenghts, which allowed me to be a better version of myself!

Dominique Pellerin|Pastry Chef

Claudine was recommended to me to help me regain control of my health. Her expertise and her flexible method made the difference in achieving my goals, despite my chaotic and busy schedule. I really liked having her support between our meetings when I needed it. I am now equipped to face the challenges I am facing!

My commitment to you

My personal and professional experiences allow me to understand exactly what you are experiencing and the challenges that come your way daily! I'm committed to providing you with my health expertise and tools to coach you towards your goals, help you feel great in your skin, and fully embody the woman leader in you! Looking forward to collaborating on your success,

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