My background

& experience!


I come from a family of successful entrepreneurs. I was taught success through hard work and financial status. I was far from knowing what this lifestyle had in store for me!

From the age of 16 to 33 years old, I suffered from an eating disorder, was misdiagnosed with bi-polar disorder and put on heavy medication for 6 years, put on 40 lbs in one year, had 3 major burnouts, worked at 3 jobs simultaneously for 5 years, until one day I got out of breath – literally – and was admitted to the ER. ” You’ve had too many panic attacks” said the doctor.

During all these years, my productivity was a true roller coaster. This crazy pace made me sick – a lot! And so, I shifted my vision of success by prioritizing my health.

My success came finally after slowing down and focusing on my health first! I now travel the world to fulfill incredible mandates, I’m invited as a speaker for inspiring events, I coach clients ready to redefine their vision of productivity into a healthier one, I spend my summers in Canada and winters in the tropics with my family, and I operate my business online. FINALLY! All of this happening because I stopped myself from a destructive pattern, took the time to breathe and listened to myself!

Honesty, integrity and respect are at the heart of all my decisions, actions and projects. I strive to be authentic in my work and my personal life to accomplish my mission and make a difference in the life of all the beautiful people who surround me!

I know where you are and I’m here to testify that this SHIFT you’re looking for is 100% possible and I’ll be more than happy to help you make it happen!



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